Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Architecture framework

DYA’s architecture framework as shown here has as objective to position the relevant component architectures and to illustrate the coherence between them.

The horizontal axis of the framework illustrates the different architecture objects in the recurring threesome business architecture; information architecture and technical architecture. This partitioning is recognized by many architects.
A further segregation is effected within this partitioning. Each of these architectures has a different architecture object (product/services; processes; organization; data etc.) indicated by a separate column in the framework.

The vertical axis of the framework illustrates that the architecture can be divided into three abstraction levels: general principles; policy directives and models.

The intention is not to fill in the framework from left to right and from top to bottom during an autonomous process.  That would deliver nothing more than a paper tiger.
In fact the intention of the framework is to allow the architect to fill in only the appropriate sections during an architecture definition but still retain the overview of the whole. Which cells are relevant for the organization depend on the situation and the objectives of the organization.